Resilience workshops

Practical and engaging resilience workshops

Resilience and the ability to perform under pressure is a key requirement in higher education right now with the huge levels of change and the additional demands being made at a time of tight budgets.

Our resilience workshops focus on practical solutions and techniques to help people manage mental states and use the neuroscience behind the way we behave best under pressure. We help people successfully respond to challenges without being knocked off balance, stay in focus and make positive choices in the midst of ‘too much to do’. The sessions help staff understand which mind-sets work best, and what patterns of thinking habitually stop you performing at your best under pressure.

The workshops help staff

  • Understand the big picture of resilience and how it relates to wellbeing.
  • Find out how to develop positive habits around key elements to help keep balanced and have better wellbeing.
  • Discover how to control  trigger responses that takes you out of balance.
  • Find what your stretch zone is and how to avoid panic, procrastination and paralysis.
  • How to successfully respond to challenges without being knocked off balance.
resilience workshops and training

Workshop approach


These workshops are for all staff who want to perform under pressure and find out how to have balance. They provide strategies and techniques that will help staff thrive at work and beyond. The full day or half day workshops provide time to discover what helps most to maintain a sense of wellbeing and develop goals and habits that help feel more balanced.

The workshops are highly practical using a variety of engaging exercises and allow staff to work on their own, in pairs and small groups. The sessions are focused on enabling real-life changes rather than simply explaining theory.

* Please note that these workshops are designed for people who are psychologically fit and healthy. We respectfully inform you that the workshop is not ‘therapy’ nor ‘counselling’, and request that if you have any psychological or medical condition, whether or not on medication or seeing a medical professional about it, you discuss this with us first.

Case Study

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Resilience building at University of Sussex

Following feedback from the annual staff survey resilience and wellbeing became a priority for the university. We were approached by the HR department to develop a workshop to be held regularly on campus and which staff could elect to go on. Following the success of these initial workshops we developed others to cover areas such as the mindset for balance, emotional wellbeing and stress and technology and a resilience through nature workshop taking advantage of the woodland near the Falmer campus. 

We have adapted and evolved the workshops in response to the feedback and changing needs identified. The sessions are well attended and the feedback from participants shows they make a real difference to how stress is viewed, the capability of staff to deal with challenging situations and pressure in work.

What they said:

 “The sessions make a big difference to the staff. They view stress with a different mindset and take away useful tools and practical techniques”

Moira Blake

Head of Organisational Development, University of Sussex.




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