A different kind of development for university staff.

Innovative staff development to enable individuals and teams in universities to achieve high performance, be resilient and work together well.

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Resilience Workshops for university teams

Resilience Workshops

Highly practical workshops  based on the latest research that enable real-life changes and a growth in resilience rather than simply explaining theory.

university management coaching

Management Coaching

Help to develop key individuals through impactful programs of one to one coaching focused on emotional intelligence, strategic thinking and management skills development.

strategy sessions

Strategy Sessions

Practical and effective strategy facilitation that uses methodologies and approaches  to enable effective discussions, strategy planning and big issue resolution.

university team development days

Team Development

Exceptional team building  that is energising and engaging whilst helping teams work together, forge a strong identity and perform under pressure.

Gemma Asbury

It’s really practical because you are giving us tools, but more importantly, you are giving us completely different ways of thinking – ideas that would never come into my own head. I don’t think I’ve ever had this level of enjoyment and experience in any staff development. You guys have just got a different approach.

Gemma Asbury
Manager, School of Business, Management and Economics -University of Sussex
Deborah Jackson-Smith

Thanks so much for the training last week, it was really good. It was amazing that you managed to develop the session exactly to brief, following just a one hour meeting with me. You met the brief exactly and completely picked up on the fact that the team was already functioning well and that this was an enhancement rather than a development exercise. The team responded to your approachable, open and confident style, and this really helped them to relax and engage with the session.

Deborah Jackson-Smith
School Administrator - History, Art History & Philosophy University of Sussex
Amelia Wakeford

Thanks for the coaching session yesterday the thing that really grabbed me was the power of language - and how I need to learn it, your phrases immediately made me feel more comfortable . And I'd like more!”

Amelia Wakeford
Humanities Lab university of Sussex
Anna Stefanaki

I wanted to thank you for a great session, everyone was happy at the end of it. A job well done

Anna Stefanaki
Environment Team, University of Brighton
Liz James

I have heard only good things back from the team. They seem to have enjoyed it hugely and to be very appreciative of the work that went into making it 'for them'

Liz James
Head, School of History, Art History and Philosophy University of Sussex
School Manager

I really benefited from your coaching sessions at a particularly challenging time dealing with a staff-related matter.I have been thinking carefully about what we discussed and looking at my notes. I feel that I am already starting to feel the benefits. The sessions have been enormously valuable; thanks again for everything.

School Manager
University of Sussex
Gemma Asbury

I’ve been to lots of staff development and different training over the years and this just feels completely different. It feels really tailored and we can tailor it to suit whatever situation we face.

Gemma Asbury
Manager, School of Business, Management and Economics - University of Sussex

Tailored coaching, facilitation and workshops for universities.

We deliver tailored workshops, coaching and facilitation to forward-thinking universities. We bring pragmatism to theories in order to equip university staff with different ways of thinking and an ability to succeed in a challenging and changing environment.

We regularly work together with many different university departments to develop individual management capability, forge resilience and to help teams collaborate and communicate effectively.

We make sure that you are able to apply theory in practice and to take account of the complexity of people and the changing context of your organisation.



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